That’s enough


Gênero(s): Autoajuda
ISBN: 978-6584870031
Publicação: 01/01/2023
Nº de Páginas: 102.0

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  • Sobre o Livro
We all had, have or will have moments when our anxiety forces us to find two paths: Thats Enough or the F*ck. Well, on these occasions there is no middle ground, the beautiful middle path, when, romantically, we can afford to be spiritually evolved to make the divine decision. No! There are times when you either Its Enough for me or F*ck. For the latter case, there are already wonderful works on the subject. Its a decision that may or may not work, its up to you. There is another path, which is the purpose of this book, Thats Enough! Enough suffering! Enough of unhealthy anxiety, this irrational fear! This book is for anyone who wants to win! Who got tired of suffering and the F... didnt solve it or wont solve it. You have to decide what to do! You really have to take responsibility for your life. The law of probabilities and the principle of reasonableness are the elements of this book to find a balance between emotion and reason. Thats Enough!